How I Lost 50 Pounds In 3 Months

Let me start off by saying… I was obese. I wasn’t “My 600-Lb. Life” type of obese, but I was extremely overweight. How did I lose 50 pounds in 3 months?

I was 36 years old and weighed 330lbs. Life had gotten tough. I was out of shape, suffered from extreme back pain, tired all the time, didn’t sleep well at night, and was miserable. It was time for me to make a change.

This feeling that it was time to make a change didn’t happen overnight, and to be honest, didn’t even exist a decade earlier. In my 20’s, I didn’t give two-shits about being overweight. Honestly, I didn’t care that I was fat.

I was an active fat-ass. I never had a problem with women. And I slept great. I was obese but I was living a good life. I had no real desire to lose the weight because I wasn’t being negatively affected by the weight. But man-oh-man, when I turned 30, it all started going downhill.

So, I decided that day in June 2014 that it was time for a change.

I want to share with you how I did it. I am going to outline exactly how I lost 50 pounds in 3 months, sharing my approach, mindset, goals, and exact strategies I used to lose the weight.

Damon Dietz. Before – June 2014. After – September 2014.

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-Start Weight: 329.8 pounds

Weight Loss Goals for the Month

  • No Meat
  • No Processed Foods
  • No Fast Food
  • One Whole Fruit Smoothie Per Day
  • No Refined Sugars, Oils, Flour or Butter
  • No Soda, Juice or Alcohol
  • Workout 60 Minutes Per Day / Minimum of 3 Days Per Week
  • Lose 30 pounds

I know. I know. This looks kind of extreme. Well, let me tell you something… it was very fucking extreme. I was sick and fucking tired of being a fat-ass, and wanted to make sure I did everything I could to start losing weight. I wanted to break below the 300-pound mark for the first time in over a decade, and it was going to take an extreme approach.

Let me be clear, I hate fad diets. A lifestyle change needs to be made to ensure long-term success. But, I am in favor of using an extreme approach to get motivated, gain some momentum, and achieve some immediate results. This approach worked for me. I was able to drop some serious initial weight, and give my body a chance to start over.

If you want to know the number one tip on how I lost 50 pounds in 3 months, here it is…


I gave up soda, juice, flavored coffee, milkshakes, alcohol, and anything else that wasn’t calories in the form of whole, real food. You are probably thinking to yourself, “Damon, I need my beer,” or “I need my Jack and Coke.”

My response… You only need it if you want to stay fat forever.

If you want to lose 50 pounds in 3 months, you need to give up the alcohol. Plain and simple. The good news is that you don’t need to give it up forever. You can bring it back in moderation; like I did with meat in month two, as well as alcohol, sugar, and processed foods in future months.

Let’s Talk About Working Out

I was always pretty active, so the main change for me was becoming consistently active. Instead of playing basketball with my buddies once a week, I made sure to stick with my goal of 60 minutes of exercise at least three times per week.

I also started running. At first, I wasn’t even able to run a mile. But I was able to build up my mileage by intermittently walking when needed. By the end of the month, I was up to three-mile runs (my pace was 12 minutes a mile, but it was about the consistency, not about the intensity)

Month #1 End Weight: 299.7 pounds

Total Weight Loss So Far: 30.1 pounds

Month #2

-Start Weight: 299.7 pounds

Weight Loss Goals for the Month

  • Only Organic Meat (max. 6oz/day)
  • No Refined Sugars, Oils, Flour or Butter
  • No Processed Foods
  • One Whole Fruit Smoothie Per Day
  • No Soda, Juice or Alcohol
  • Workout 60 Minutes Per Day / Minimum of 4 Days Per Week
  • Lose 10 pounds

Personal Goals for the Month

  • No Biting Nails

You will notice a lot of the same goals for month #2. I reintroduced meat in organic form and in limited amounts. This decision was nothing more than bro science. I knew I didn’t want to give up meat forever, so I thought about ways I could reintroduce it slowly into my diet and feel good about doing so.

I don’t care if you give up dairy, gluten, carbs, alcohol, or whatever the fuck makes you feel motivated and helps you build some momentum when starting to lose weight. The key is reintroducing it SLOWLY after you see some immediate results. The reason why none of these fad diets work long-term is that the minute people go back to their old habits, they gain the weight back.

You can’t EVER go back to your old habits

I started to reintroduce meat slowly. I never thought meat was making me fat, but I gave it up anyway to make a drastic change. What was making me fat was eating a 12oz. cheeseburger, fries and six beers every night.

The key for me to how I lost 50 pounds in 3 months was consistency.

Be Consistent

I stuck to my diet plan. I didn’t have any cheat days and I didn’t deviate from the plan. It was important for me to wake up every day feeling better than the day before. The weight loss from my diet plan really started to show this month.

I was also consistent with my workouts. I wrote down when I was going to work out, what type of workout I would do, and where I would do it. It was just as important to state my intentions before working out as it was actually completing the workouts.

Let’s Talk About Working Out

I increased the frequency and intensity or my workouts from last month. Instead of three days a week, I made it a priority to exercise a minimum of four times per week. I also started experimenting with HIIT (high intensity interval training). I also started getting more serious with strength training this month with the help of a personal trainer. In addition to working with the trainer, it was super helpful to take videos of myself working out, and watch them later so I could improve my form.

What Else?

In case you missed the personal goal for this month, I stopped biting my nails. I was feeling so good about the momentum and progress I had made with my new habits, that I was ballsy enough to try and quit a 35-year habit.

I have not bitten my nails since. It’s hard to underestimate the power of positive momentum. Losing 30 pounds the previous month really motivated me to take action elsewhere in my life. It worked. Now I treat myself to manicures every once in a while and I am proud of how my nails look.

If I was able to do all this in two months, what else was I able to accomplish?

Month #2 End Weight: 285.4 pounds / Month #2 Weight Loss: 14.3 pounds

Total Weight Loss So Far: 44.4 pounds

Month #3

-Start Weight: 285.4 pounds

Weight Loss Goals for the Month

  • Mostly Organic Meat (except when eating out)
  • No Processed Foods
  • No Fast Food
  • One Whole Fruit Smoothie Per Day
  • No Refined Sugars, Oils, Flour or Butter
  • No Soda or Juice
  • Limit Alcohol to Two Drinks Per Day Max
  • Workout 60 Minutes Per Day / Minimum of 5 Days Per Week
  • Lose 10 pounds

Personal Goals for the Month

  • No Biting Nails

Holy fuck! I am down 44+ pounds and am no longer a nail biter. I feel like I have a renewed lease on life. There is still a ton of work to do, and my goal for this month is to lose another 10 pounds.

Here Is Where I Fucked Up

I am not sure if I got cocky, or just started to slip into old habits. But I definitely felt more relaxed this month (not in a good way). I allowed myself some cheat days, and I think it was too early to reintroduce the alcohol into the diet (even though I limited it to two drinks a day).

Luckily, I increased the workout frequency again, this time to five times per week. I was still losing weight, but much slower this month than I wanted.

Make Sure You Have The Support You Need

Toward the end of the third month I decided to hire a nutritionist. It was necessary for me to learn the proper eating habits that would sustain this weight loss for a lifetime. The nutritionist taught me how to incorporate more vegetables in my diet, as well as the importance of consuming the proper amount of protein with each meal.

It is important to surround yourself with a team of people that will help you succeed. I got the support I needed from a nutritionist, fitness trainer, life coach, friends, family, and more.

Month #3 End Weight: 279.9 pounds / Month #3 Weight Loss: 5.5 pounds

Total Weight Loss: 49.9 pounds

This is where the story comes to an end. I lost 49.9 pounds (yeah I rounded up to 50 for the purpose of this article). Well, the story doesn’t really end there.

I lost an additional 50 pounds over the next year (for a total of 100 pounds of weight loss), and have kept it off.

Has it been easy? Hell no it hasn’t!

I have an addiction to food that was created over a lifetime of bad habits. I have always had a bad relationship with food. It has taken therapy, coaching, support from friends & family, and continued effort on my part to keep the weight off.

Has it been worth it? Fuck yeah it has!

I don’t have to tell you the benefits to losing weight. You know them already. But what I can tell you is that you won’t actually lose the weight until you are ready; until you are 100% physically and emotionally fed up with being a fat-ass. And when you are ready, you have to make the decision to actually do it.

And you will. I believe in you.

Final Thoughts

If you have any questions on how I lost 50 pounds in 3 months, please connect with me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and drop me a note. I will answer. Or, at least you can drop your email in the box below to subscribe to my newsletter. Just do it.

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