OPTIMUM NUTRITION'S GOLD STANDARD 100% Whey uses pure Whey Protein Isolates as the primary ingredient. Combined with ultra-filtered whey protein concentrate, each serving provides 24 grams of all-whey protein and 5.5 grams of naturally occurring Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) which are prized by athletes for their muscle building qualities.

Review – The Best Tasting Whey Protein: Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100%

I have been experimenting with different brands of protein supplements since I was a young lad. I even dream about protein sometimes (nope. I don’t. I totally made that up). A few years ago, I set out to find the best tasting whey protein powder to use in my favorite chocolate protein breakfast smoothie.

I needed to find a protein that didn’t contain tons of sugar or artificial sweeteners, but also somehow tasted delicious. It was a tough task for sure. One day my search came to an end when I was perusing the aisles at Costco and I came across the best tasting whey protein, Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey.

I didn’t know it at the time. How could I have known that this particular protein was going to be the best tasting protein powder that I have ever tasted? But that is exactly what happened. I took home the ginormous 5.46-pound bag of protein powder and immediately made a shake.

Blender Bottle Test

My first analysis was the Blender Bottle test. A good protein powder needs to blend well with only water, so it can be made quickly, to be consumed immediately after a workout at the gym. So, I mixed one scoop of the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey with eight ounces of water, shook it up, and downed it.

It was delicious.

It tasted like a chocolate milkshake. There was no chalky texture and it mixed smoothly with the Blender Bottle. I knew I had hit the jackpot and found the best tasking whey protein. Here are some way I utilize this protein powder:

  • Smoothies
  • Mixed with Greek Yogurt & Blueberries
  • To Add Protein To My Overnight Oats
  • Banana Bread, Pancakes, or Other High Protein Desserts

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“Good stuff, very good stuff! We’ve been using this powder almost exclusively for 20 years! ON Whey’s first ingredient is whey protein isolates, the best of all the types of whey, and is made in the USA! We have a subscription to Consumer, and this powder tested out very well!! Low percentages of heavy metals, good taste, and good ingredients make this powder a winner! It’s pricier than most, but made in America, it is, after all, the “Gold Standard!”

“Truthfully, I have no idea if this is good for you. Read the other reviews. I flunked college biology twice. However, I cannot believe how great this tastes. Also it is great for lunch as it really fills me up and it’s super easy to make. Because I work out of my home, I can take a half of a banana, cup of skim milk, cup of crushed ice and 30 seconds in the blender and it is incredible. It also seems the chocolate gives me a caffein boost to push through the day.”

“I’ve been an avid bodybuilder for over a decade. I’ve tried so many brand of proteins, it’s not not even funny. ON whey is not the cheapest protein, but it’s definitely worth it. I’ve had really bad diarrhea with other brands and a nasty lingering after taste, but with this brand, I don’t suffer. However, there’s actually one flavor that leaves an after taste and that’s the Vanilla. All the other flavors are okay, but the Vanilla just doesn’t sit well with me even though the taste of the Vanilla is great. This protein also comes with digestive enzymes to help you break down the protein so that’s a plus. 10/10 for flavor. 8/10 value for your money. 10/10 blending power.”

“I am an avid weightlifter and take all things fitness very seriously. I would highly recommend this product as it is some of the best quality out there. Whey protein is one of the safest and highest quality protein sources. With 24g Protein, 4g Glutamine, and 5.5g BCAAs per serving you will be getting essential nutrients to help with muscle growth and recovery. I take two scoops daily after my workouts and can definitely tell that it is greatly helping out with my muscle mass gains. The double rich chocolate by Optimum Nutrition is by far the best tasting whey protein I have ever had, not to mention that Optimum Nutrition protein seems to be slightly more affordable than other high quality brands.”

“I’ve been using ON Gold Standard for years. Taken right after my workout it does a good job of preventing muscle soreness the next day and has enough protein per serving to aid in recovery. Also, this is one of the best protein supplements I’ve found for a protein to calorie ratio at 24g of protein with only 120 calories. I’ve tried multiple brands before and I keep going back to this. Some of the flavors are a little weak if you mix with just water but if you cut them with a little milk that goes away.”

“If you’re searching for a protein powder that has a decent taste, look no further than ON Gold Standard in the Double Chocolate flavor. I HATE that nasty protein powder flavor. This brand, or at least the chocolate flavor, is FANTASTIC. It tastes fine with water, but I personally love it with unsweetened almond milk. Makes it creamy and almost tastes like chocolate milk. Definitely worth buying a small bag to sample.”

“Gold Standard is one of the best brands for whey protein. I have tried NUMEROUS proteins and I keep coming back to this product. It blends real well. The flavor is great, never leaves a weird aftertaste or has that grittiness to it that a lot of whey proteins have. The nutritional info is great also, being lower in fat and carbs but still high in protein.”

Final Thoughts

I really enjoy the taste of this whey protein powder. It shakes well, blends well, and tastes delicious. I give it my five-star stamp of approval. Please sign up for my newsletter below for up-to-date product reviews.

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