Top 10 Foods That are Actually Cheaper at Costco

What are the top 10 foods that are actually cheaper at Costco? Well, before my separation I was always the supermarket shopper (and the cook) for the family. I enjoyed that role because I liked being in control of choosing quality ingredients and making healthy & nutritious meals for the family. My other half at the time didn’t really enjoy cooking (or supermarket shopping).

Since getting separated, it has been even more important to maximize every dollar when doing the food shopping for me and the kids. So, while I haven’t turned into a coupon clipping maniac like some housewives on Extreme Couponing, I do admit to liking to save a few dollars, all while using the power of positive thinking.

So, here is my list of the top 10 foods that are actually cheaper at Costco…

1. Strawberries


In general, produce at Costco is all priced extremely well. Sometimes it’s difficult, even for a large family like mine, to eat 5 lbs. of apples or a huge box of clementines. But the one thing it is easy to do is eat the 2 lb. clamshell of strawberries. Not only are they priced better than Shoprite ($2.99/lb) or Target ($2.99/lb.), the fruit is so fresh and juicy; I rarely find a rotten strawberry in the bunch. You can occasionally find them on sale at Walmart or your local supermarket for less, but I like the consistency of the price and quality of the strawberries at Costco ($2.40/lb).

2. Greek Yogurt


I have gained much respect for plain, non-fat Greek yogurt. It is super high in protein and low in fat & carbs. I eat it mixed with protein powder and fruit (cherries or blueberries), as a substitute for sour cream on my famous homemade turkey chili, and I even mix it with hot sauce and use it as a healthy alternative to ketchup/mayonnaise as a condiment for my eggs, hamburgers, or grilled chicken. The average price elsewhere is $2.50/lb, with the cheapest at my local Shoprite for $2.20/lb. At Costco you can get organic, plain, non-fat Greek yogurt for $1.88/lb..

3. Egg Whites


I challenge you to find a better price for egg whites anywhere. At Costco you can get 6/16oz cartons of egg whites for $8.99 (that’s $1.49/lb). Amazon ($5.44/lb plus shipping) and Walmart ($2.08/lb) doesn’t compare to your local Costco ($1.49/lb.).

4. Frozen Fruit


I usually load up my morning smoothies with frozen fruit. I prefer cherries and blueberries, for the taste and for the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. But all the frozen fruit is cheaper at Costco. A large 4 lb. bag of organic cherries is only $9.99 (that’s $2.49/lb). Alternatively, you will pay $4.74/lb. at Walmart and $3.98/lb at Target.

5. Almond Butter


I am talking the real, 100% quality nut butter here. Just nuts (maybe some salt), with no added sugars, oils, or artificial flavorings. Somehow Costco sells a large, 27oz. jar of delicious, all-natural almond butter for $7.99 (that’s only $4.74/lb.). Try getting a well known brand like Justin’s Almond Butter for anywhere close to that (it will cost you $9.29/lb. at Amazon or $11.19/lb. at Target. – P.S. Justin’s contains almonds and palm oil, just sayin’… do we need added oil? No. The answer is no.

6. Maple Syrup


When I make pancakes or waffles for the kids, 100% pure maple syrup is my choice of topping. Please don’t get me started on syrup substitutes (I am looking at you Aunt Jemima). Take my word for it, this is the best price you will find anywhere.

7. Protein Bars


These bars have been reviewed all over the place (here or here), and the general consensus is that they are delicious. It’s difficult to find a protein bar that tastes good for less than $1.00/bar, but it’s definitely possible with these Kirkland protein bars (the Quest protein bars which taste identical cost approximately $2.00/bar).

8. Spinach


I’ve talked a little about smoothies, right? It seems that I can almost put together my entire favorite smoothie recipe from Costco at half the price I would pay anywhere else. This includes the giant 2.5 lb. bag of spinach for $4.99. Yes, I throw two handfuls in my smoothie each morning, but I also use it in my salads, eggs, and and just about anywhere else I can find a way. The bag never goes to waste in my house.

9. Milk


The price of milk can be so volatile, but I like the consistency at Costco. I generally drink skim or 1%, which can be found for approximately $2.62/gallon. Plus the gallon container just looks cooler and stores better in the refrigerator. So, yep, my milk is cooler than yours (if you don’t buy it at Costco).

10. Protein Powder


The brands of protein powder that Costco will carry varies by location and season, because as we all know, Costco will do that to you. However, it is always cheaper than my local supermarket, GNC, or Amazon. Most recently on my Costco expedition, I found a 5.46 lb. (why not just make this an even 5 lb. bag – we will never know) tub of Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey (vanilla or chocolate) for $49.99 (that’s $9.16/lb.). Go ahead, I dare you to do an Amazon search.

I hope you enjoyed the top 10 foods that are actually cheaper at Costco. Now get shopping and remember to save some money!!


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