Weight Loss Challenge – Day 15

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Welcome to DAY 15 of the 30-day weight loss challenge. I had an amazing food day yesterday (exercise was lacking a bit), and I am ready for my weigh-in today, as it will be my first weigh-in in over one week. This will be the test to see if I am on track to hit my goal of losing 25 pounds in 30 days. Before we get into it, if you want to check out any particular day of the 30 daily posts, documenting each day of the 30-day challenge, you can find a link at the end of this article.

Weight Update

Today’s Weigh-In: 216.2lbs.
Challenge Weight Loss Total -8.7lbs.

Day 15 – Weight Loss Before and After

If you recall, I affirmed a week ago that I needed to weigh in around 215lbs. to feel like I have a chance at succeeding at the 30-day weight loss challenge. Well, today was the weigh-in, and you can see the official number is 216.2lbs.

I am SOOOO close. Unfortunately, I am behind the eight ball now. The scale has shown an official weight loss of 8.7lbs. at the halfway mark of this challenge. To be halfway to losing the 25 pounds in 30 days, I should be down 12.5lbs so far. So, as the math shows, I am behind.

All hope is not lost. I think that if I increase my exercise to two hours per day as I mentioned yesterday, then I will have a chance at this. I don’t want to do any extreme dieting or calorie restriction, so continuing to eat the large salads, large amounts of protein and a good variety of vegetables are going to be crucial.

I am feeling great, and I can definitely see a difference in the weight loss challenge before and after pics. The process must continue with consistency and intention. I know that I can do this.

Day 15 Nutrition


None (intermittent fasting until 1pm)

Morning Snack

None (intermittent fasting until 1pm)


Salad: Romaine. Cucumber. Tomato. Onion. Grilled Chicken. Shredded Mozzarella Cheese. Oil & Vinegar.

Afternoon Snack

Smoothie: Almond Milk. 1 cup Spinach. Protein Powder. 1 tbsp. Chia Seeds.


Filet Minon. Chicken Breast. Salad. Some Cheeses. String Beans.

I went out to dinner for the first time in three months since the pandemic started. The state of New Jersey allowed outdoor dining to commence today, so I took advantage. I think I handled the food choices well. My girlfriend and I sampled a few different options and we even took some chicken and salad home.

Evening Snack


Day 15 Exercise

Morning Workout
Where: Home Workout
Duration: 1 hour

Equipment: Two 20lb. Dumbbells

This workout consisted of lots of bodyweight exercises such as lunges, air squats, leg lifts, wall sits, and some stiff-legged deadlifts with the dumbbells.

Afternoon Workout
Where: Home Workout
Duration: 1 hour

Equipment: Rowing Machine

I needed to get in my two hours today, so I figured there would be no easier way than some steady-state rowing. I queued up an episode of “Filthy Rich” on Netflix and started rowing. I didn’t stop until I hit my goal of two full hours of exercise today. I wasn’t the fastest split time, or the most intense, but I earned the two hours.

Total Calories Burned: 455
Average Heart Rate: 129BPM

Final Thoughts

I am going to bust my ass this week in hopes of shedding a few extra pounds. I have a big weekend planned next weekend, where I will be doing some intense full-day hikes. This will help on the exercise front as I will be hiking multiple hours each day, on top of my regular exercise routine. I’ll check back in with you guys tomorrow when I will announce my next weigh-in date.

If you are interested in reading more, you can read any or all of the daily weight loss challenge posts, starting from DAY ONE and ending with DAY 30 at the following link: 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge. Also, if you are interested in weight loss, creating good habits, and/or challenging yourself to become better in all aspects of life, follow me on social media below for my most up to date articles, videos, and current monthly challenges.

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