Weight Loss Challenge – Day 26

Goal: To Lose 25 pounds in 30 days. No fad diets. No gimmicks. No surgery. Just solid nutrition and lots of exercise.

Welcome to DAY 26 of my 30-day weight loss challenge. There are officially five days left, including today, and I am in full-blown panic mode. I know that failing is not a bad thing, because failing offers the opportunity to learn from your experiences. However, I set my standards high, and I want to succeed at this challenge.

These last few days will offer me the opportunity to tighten things up. That’s all I can do. I have made some real, positive changes to my habits and now it is time to see how everything pans out. Before we go into the full update for today, if you want to see any of the 30 daily posts, documenting each day of the 30-day challenge, you can find a link at the end of this article.

Now, let’s take a look at the progress pic.

Weight Update

Next Weigh-In: DAY 30 

Yesterday was my last weigh-in before the end of the challenge. I have five days to eat clean, exercise, and cut the last few pounds that I can before my next weigh-in on DAY 30. What do you guys think of the progress picture? How am I looking?

Day 26 Nutrition


None (intermittent fasting until 1pm)

Morning Snack

None (intermittent fasting until 1pm)


Salad: Romaine. Cucumber. 6oz. Grilled Chicken. Olive Oil. Vinegar.

Afternoon Snack

6oz. Grilled Chicken. Steamed Broccoli.


1 Egg. 1 cup Egg Whites. Onion. Green Pepper. Olive Oil.

Evening Snack


I was able to keep the day extremely light today. I ate clean, and took in minimal carbohydrates. I need another day like this tomorrow.

Day 26 Exercise

Morning Workout
Where: Home Workout
Duration: 45 minutes

Equipment: Rowing Machine

Honestly, I am exhausted from all of the physical activity this month. I have taken very few rest days and my body is fatigued. I am going to have to rethink the daily exercise goal of two hours. These next few days I will focus on a quality 45-60 minutes of physical activity, and see what happens.

For me, this experience has been fluid, with lots of changes and modifications along the way. I am learning about what my body can handle, as well as what I can mentally prepare myself to do each day. This has been just as physically exhausting as it has been mentally exhausting.

Final Thoughts

I am proud of myself that I have lost 15 pounds so far. I am leaner. I have more energy, And I feel significantly better. All that being said, I still have a goal to reach. I will not quit until I accomplish it.

If you are interested in reading more, you can read any or all of the daily weight loss challenge posts, starting from DAY ONE and ending with DAY 30 at the following link: 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge. Also, if you are interested in weight loss, creating good habits, and/or challenging yourself to become better in all aspects of life, follow me on social media below for my most up to date articles, videos, and current monthly challenges.

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